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Ten tips for planning your next business event

Whether you're hosting a meeting for 500 people or a training session for 30 people; and whether it is in-person, virtual, or a mix of both, there are some key principles to planning a successful business event that always remain the same.

The new value we can add to face-to-face meetings

Whilst technology plays an important role when it comes to enabling communication, in-person networking is still the foundation of knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation in the meetings space.

Meet in... North Sydney

OTB. That’s what they call it. OTB. ‘Over the Bridge’. If you didn’t realise this was a thing, then we’re here to tell you, it is! Most people think that business in Sydney only happens in the CBD, but trust us, cross the Harbour Bridge and you’ll realise that the opportunity to create an amazing business event in this city stretches much further north.

Meet in... Western Sydney

Enterprising business event organisers may just find this is the place for them to be. Sydney is a metropolis of three cities: the Western Parkland City, Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City. With its diverse culture and exciting attractions, Western Sydney is transforming into a new heartland for business and industry.

Business events in a COVID world: the emergence of the hybrid event

From Zoom to Microsoft Teams, pandemic-proof technology has changed the way we’re meeting. But our industry is taking this innovation one step further – and advances in, and adoption of, conference technology have given birth to a new normal with the power to take in-person conferences to a whole new audience level: the hybrid business event.



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