How to be sustainability-savvy in Sydney

Make your next experience in Sydney a sustainable one. 

Be proactive, eco-friendly and sustainability-savvy when visiting Sydney for your next meeting. The City of Sydney has set out an ambition for the city under the Sustainable Sydney 2030 for a green, global and connected city. To help realise this vision, the City set targets to reduce carbon emissions by 70%, divert 90% of waste from landfill and have a zero increase in potable water by 2030.  

NSW Government is also focussed on providing greater access to quality, green, open and public spaces and is working towards increasing the tree canopy by planting one million trees in Greater Sydney by 2022 – and they’re currently offering a tree giveaway in some areas between now and May! This will add to the existing 400-plus parks of various sizes, from pocket parks to extensive parklands that enrich our city and provide for the diverse recreational needs of all who live, work and visit. 

From a selection of sustainable venues and caterers with a zero-waste policy, to energy-efficient technology in meeting rooms – Sydney has all you need to create a sustainable event. 

Go green with these sustainable tips

1.Choose Sydney’s diverse options for travelling, with the new light rail seamlessly taking you around the city and reducing energy use, carbon emissions and noise pollution versus the car. Or take the bus –NSW Government plans to replace its entire 8000-bus fleet with electric-powered vehicles by 2030 and will deliver the first 50 to Sydney this year. 

2. Sydney has a growing bike scheme with four bike-share operators to choose from - LimeBeam BikesONYABIKE, and airbikeThese are all dockless, so can be picked up and dropped off all over the city. Lime and Beam bikes are both electric assisted, while OnYahBike and Air Bike are traditional manual pedal bikes. 

There is an increasing number of cycleways in Sydney tooDownload a Sydney Cycling Map to discover low traffic streets, cycleways, and shared paths. You can also request advice to help plan your trip using Facebook messenger or the Sydney Bike Commuters Facebook group. 

3. Stay hydrated! Sydney has more than 215 water refill stations to replenish your bottle throughout your day and of course, help contribute to minimising plastic waste. Restaurants and cafes will also refill your water bottles free of charge.  

4. The city takes ethical eating seriously with many restaurants adopting seasonal menus using locally sourced produce and suppliers. Many donate surplus food to organisations like Oz Harvest who redistribute it to local communities. Others are working hard on reducing food waste through Love Food Sydney. 

5. Give something back while expanding your teamwork skills. Join one of the city’s clean up days and combine your team building incentive with a charity of your choice. 

6. Sydney’s hotels are on an important journey to reduce their waste and emissions. Many participate in the Sustainable Destination PartnershipSupport them by reducing the number of electrical appliances you use in your room at any one time, use towels for more than one night, and turn off electricity and air-conditioning when you leave your room. 

7.Enjoy some time outside with your team and explore the famous as well as secret parks and gardens of Sydney. See if there are any gardening workshops on at Sydney City Farm. 

Sustainable venues in Sydney

Go green in 2022. Environmentally friendly business event venues are easier to find than you might think.



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